I’m currently seeking a role where I can investigate, design and create solutions to learning problems. I’m passionate about art, computer science, work-force development, and Social-Emotional education, but open to all great education challenges. Please contact me if you have an opportunity available!

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I have recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon University’s Masters in Education Technology and Applied Learning Science (METALS). Through METALS, I have learned how to use academic and user-centered research, learning science principles, and novel technologies to create curricula, intelligent tutors, and ed-tech products.


I received a B.A. in Computer Science from the University at Buffalo, SUNY in 2018. While at Buffalo, I spent two years designing, developing, and iterating on a large-scale seminar called How the Internet Works, lovingly referred to as internet-class. My work on internet-class is what inspired me to pursue education as a field, ultimately leading me to METALS.


I come from a large Italian-American family, living in the Greater NYC area. I like drawing cartoons, having big meals with friends, and making homemade pizzas.