Interviewing E-Learning Module

Preparation for an Interview taught through CMU’s OLI

Aiming to improve instruction in Carnegie Mellon’s User-Centered Research and Evaluation course (UCRE), we designed a module targeting interview preparation – an important, but missing piece of UCRE’s interviewing module.

This skills gap became evident to us when an SME said, “Everyone agrees preparation for an interview is important. I’m not going to restate the obvious,” showing a clear expert blind-spot.

Our module was tested on 20 participants, with an A/B pre/post test format to reduce bias from our different assessments. We found that one assessment was more difficult on average, but there is a measurable learning gain averaging 8% across forms.

Role : Researcher, Instruction/Assessment Designer

Duration : 3 months

Team : Ryan Emberling, Jordan Stapinski, Mingtong Zhang

Course : E-Learning Design, Principles and Methods, Prof. Ken Koedinger, Fall 2018