How the Internet Works Seminar

Large-scale course on all things internet related

For 2 years, I designed, developed, taught and iterated on a large-scale seminar about How the Internet Works or internet-class for short. This was a new course when I was hired, meaning all content was produced from the ground up. My role involved:

  • Developing in-class activities with other Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Faculty
  • Producing video content for our flipped-classroom style
  • Running class sections and trouble-shooting all aspects of the course
  • Organizing our 30 other TAs on a weekly basis

internet-class debuted to 440 freshmen students in Fall 2016, and increased to 660 by Fall 2017.

Much of the work I did beginning in 2016 remain intact and part of the current course. This includes activities I developed, course structure, and overall course identity I helped to shape.

Role : Head Teaching Assistant

Company : University at Buffalo, SUNY

Duration : 2 years

Supervisors : Prof. Geoff Challen (2016-2017), Prof. Steve Ko (2017-2018)

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